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RHD Mustang Conversion | Checklist & Warnings
Dear Mustang Enthusiast,

We have set up this page to give you and idea on how to tell a good right hand drive conversion from a bad one. If the conversion is not finished off well on the outside, then how bad is it where you can't see?

We pride ourselves on the quality and finish of all conversions we perform. Our extensive experience and specialist staff work tirelessly to ensure every facet of each vehicle's conversion and compliance is completed to the highest of standards. We welcome your inspection of our vehicles, and will happily explain the entire conversion process.

For over 24 years we have been studying the workmanship of other conversion shops. There have been very few that have been perfect throughout the whole conversion process in replicating the original manufactured integrity.

Look on and we will point out areas to look at before you go paying the bucks for your dream car. At best, a bad conversion will give the car a poor value and be a poor investment. At worst, it could be extremely dangerous!

Before we go any further, please understand that just because a company has the ability to market well and holds an Import Plate or Low Volume compliance approval from the Australian Government does not mean the job is done right! Just like a Roadworthy Certificate, they only measure compliance to basic standards, not the quality of the vehicle or job.

Craig Dean
Mustang Motorsport

Inspection Checklist

We have created a basic checklist to aid you when inspecting a vehicle prior to purchase...
  1. Download and print the Checklist PDF (requires Adobe Reader).
  2. Take printed checklist with you when inspecting vehicle. Check all items on list, ticking 'Yes' or 'No'.
  3. Return to the Online Checklist and enter your answers to assess the quality and/or safety of the vehicle.
A green 'Tick' indicates that this area or item of the vehicle's conversion has most likely been done to an acceptable level of quality and workmanship, and doesn't appear to be a quality or safety issue.

A yellow 'Caution' usually indicates there may be an issue with the quality and/or finish of the conversion, which is not necessarily critical to the vehicle's operation and/or safety.

A red 'Warning' indicates items which are critical to the vehicle's operation, safety and/or compliance to Australian Design Rules. They also indicate that there may be more significant issues which are related to the item/s listed. Any items marked with Red 'Warnings' should be referred to a qualified and experienced automotive engineer for further inspection.

The checklist and any warnings or suggested courses of action are a guide only, and are provided in good faith. This in no way guarantees the quality and/or safety of any vehicle. If you have any doubts regarding a vehicle please contact Mustang Motorsport or have it inspected by a qualified and experienced automotive engineer.

Download PDF Checklist Online Conversion Checklist

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