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Mustang Motorsport is proud to announce the release of the 2019 ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang to be built in Australia under licence with ROUSH Performance.

The ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang combines the raw power of Ford's 5.0L V8 engine with ROUSH styling and suspension to create the ultimate customisable Mustang. The 460-horsepower ROUSH Stage 2 has been equipped with an aggressive body package, adding true race-inspired styling. Meanwhile, the upgraded ROUSH suspension is paired with ROUSH-designed wheels and Michelin Pilot Sport 4S Sport tyres to add grip and curve corners like never before. The resulting combination boasts 1.07 lateral g's on the skid pad.

Each ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang benefits from state-of-the-art suspension upgrades including adjustable height coilovers and ROUSH-tuned valving. The result is no-compromise ride quality to allow for record track performance and comfortable street driving. For serious handling enthusiasts, an optional fully-adjustable 3-way suspension offers jounce and rebound adjustment.

The all-new ROUSH R8 aero package sets 2019 ROUSH Mustangs apart from the competition. The new ROUSH Stage 2 features components that maximise airflow, and create downforce. A high-flow upper grille with signature horizontal bars features a "2" badge, while the widened lower grille encourages increased powertrain cooling. A chin spoiler has been designed and installed with maximum downforce grip in mind, while corner ducts lend to the fascia's aesthetic value. Functional hood heat extractors also contribute to engine cooling.


An all-new graphics package is standard on the Stage 2 Mustang, and features classic design inspiration, and the ability to customise with a variety of colour options. Additional graphics are optional, including a new Top Performance stripe with coordinated accent striping.

2019 ROUSH Stage 2 Standard Equipment

  • Included Features
    • 20-Inch Quicksilver wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tyres (275/35R20)
    • Performance 1-way coilover suspension system (adjustable height)
    • Front aero pockets and wheel aero aids
    • High flow-upper grille with ‘RS2’ badge
    • High-flow lower opening
    • Front chin spoiler
    • Hood heat extractors
    • Body side scoop (body colour)
    • Matte black side stripe graphics with accent
    • ROUSH fender badges
    • Rear blackout panel with ROUSH badging
    • Rear spoiler (Body colour or low gloss black)
    • Rear valance aero foils
    • ROUSH front windshield banner
    • Stage 2 serialized engine bay plaque 
    • ROUSH interior medallion on dash
    • ROUSH embroidered floor mats
    • ROUSH illuminated door sill plates
    • ROUSH Supplement Owner’s Guide

2019 ROUSH Stage 2 Optional Equipment

  • Optional Features
    • Over-the-top performance stripe graphic
    • ‘TrackPak’ 3-Way ROUSH Coilover Suspension System (adjustable height, bump and rebound valving)
    • Extreme-duty half shafts
    • Billet performance pedals (manual and automatic)
    • 6-speed shifter ball in black or white
    • ROUSH Leather Seating (base and RECARO seat styles)
    • Convertible Style Bar
    • ‘ROUSH’ trunk mounted tool kit
    • Quarter window scoops (black - fastback only)

Build Your 2019 ROUSH Stage 2

Configured Price: $22,000.00*

Select your desired features and options below and submit your enquiry now.
We will contact you promptly to discuss your vehicle details and upgrades to make your ROUSH Mustang a reality

The 2019 ROUSH Stage 2 build package includes all 'Included Features' listed above in the base Configured Price. Some included items have multiple options available (such as wheel finish) at no additional cost. Optional features, upgrades and accessories incur additional cost, as indicated on each option. The Configured Price shown will update automatically as items or options are added or removed.

PLEASE NOTE: The 'Configured Price' shown includes the Upgrade Package, options selected, fitment and GST. It DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of the base vehicle, government charges or other on-road costs.


Select the colour of your Mustang GT


Select whether your Mustang is a fastback or convertible


Select whether your Mustang has a manual or automatic transmission


Select whether you want to retain your original factory pedals, or add some high-performance styling and increase your grip with a ROUSH billet alloy pedal kit (extra cost)


The rear spoiler is available in body colour or low gloss black (fastback only)


Side rocker graphics in a range of colours are included in base package, or you can upgrade to add a top stripe (extra cost, fastback only)


ROUSH 1-way Performance Coilovers, which are adjustable in height, are included in the base package. ROUSH's top-of-the-line suspension kit with 3-Way Trakpak Performance Coilovers, adjustable in height & damper, is available as an option (extra cost)


Original factory seating can be retained as part of the base package, or either 'Standard' type or 'RECARO' seats can be treated to the full ROUSH Leather upgrade (extra cost)


Select any desired extra cost options and accessories below.
Configured Price: $22,000.00*

*Configured Price includes Upgrade Package, fitment and GST. Excludes Government Charges & Vehicle Onroads. Price does not include Base Vehicle. Mustang Motorsport retains all take-off parts.

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