If you've lowered your Mustang GT, or EcoBoost and are looking to dial in precise suspension settings for track day or daily spirited driving, look no further! The Steeda engineers have been hard at work perfecting their S550 Mustang Rear Adjustable Camber Arms to improve even further on the factory IRS suspension components. The factory stock camber arm is made to withstand lots of force, but Steeda has found a way to improve the factory camber arm even more.

The bushings on the stock camber arms are soft, and just like any soft bushing there is deflection experienced under hard cornering. Bushing deflection causes your wheel and tyre to lean outward, letting the tyres lose camber while cornering. The loss of camber results in a reduction in grip and makes your powerful Mustang's handling less predictable. Make the most of the money you put into your alignment and tyres by maintaining proper camber no matter where you are driving, with these Steeda Rear Adjustable Camber Arms.

The factory suspension comes with many bushings which also bind and hinder the suspension from articulating. The Steeda rear camber arms get rid of two of these bushings, eliminating their artificial spring rate and ensuring that your suspension has the lowest amount of friction possible. Let your suspension articulate the way it should with the Steeda Camber Arms.

Steeda's engineers have gone above and beyond with design, development, simulations, and testing to provide customers with the highest-quality adjustable camber arms on the market. The Steeda Mustang Rear Adjustable Camber Arms can be adjusted from +2 degrees camber all the way to -5 degrees camber, more than enough adjustability for any street or race set up. Due to its natural bend design, the Steeda camber arms were brutally strength-tested because of the amount of load this particular suspension component takes on a daily basis.

Steeda's camber arms completely replace the soft factory bushings with nylon-coated spherical bearings which prevent dirt from penetrating the bearings and ensuring the rod ends will never need to be replaced. The Delrin on one side and spherical bearing on the other side completely rids the deflection of the factory bushings - reducing deflection allows you to maintain proper camber during hard cornering without increasing NVH at all. Maintaing proper camber during cornering allows you to prevent the loss of grip and allows for a more responsive and predictable handling car. This leaves the handling feeling more direct and positive while also making the car much more capable on the track. Stop throwing away money by replacing your unevenly worn tyres due to improper rear camber - replace your stock camber arms with Steeda and never look back.

Steeda's Adjustable Rear Camber Arms are manufactured from Aerospace grade 6061 aluminum for incredible strength. Spherical nylon-lined bearings are made with specific preloads imparted on the bearing, ensuring lowest amount of bind on the ball bearing as possible. One of the best features of Steeda's camber arm is the adjustability we give you without having to take the part off the car. To adjust your rear camber setting all you need to do is jack up your car, turn the middle nut and you're good to go.

Product Benefits:
- Camber adjustment from -5 degrees to positive 2 degrees
- Increased cornering performance, more predictable handling
- Gain rear grip
- Increase vehicle reaction time
- On-car adjustability
- No increase in NVH
- Prevent uneven tyre wear on lowered cars
- Easy 45 minute install
- Made in the USA
- Lifetime warranty

Designed to work inconjunction with shock absorbers that use the factory travel specifactions, some aftermarket shock absorber have more travel (droop) which will cause the camber arm to touch the chassis on full droop condiiton (very rare when driving on the road or track). the following is a list of tested setups:

Fits Mustangs fitted with the following Suspension:
Ford Racing FR3 suspension
Ford Factory Magneride suspension
Ford Factory suspension
Steeda Pro-Action Shocks

Fits but touches chassis on full droop with following suspension:
Shockworks Coilovers
Koni Shock Absorbers

*Many more require testing



Click here to download installation guide.

Installation Information:
Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: About 2 1/2 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

SKU 555-4123
Brand Steeda Autosports
Unit Of Measure Pair

Steeda's Lifetime Warranty

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