Mustang Motorsport 2015-17 R727 Build and parts feature!!

Mustang Motorsport 2015-17 R727 Build and parts feature!!

The Official Roush Stage 2 and 3 builds have officially been sunsetted by Roush, but it's not too late to get your hands on a quality aftermarket kit built with quality Roush parts!

Presenting the R727; A custom Mustang Motorsport build using Roush Performance retail parts to elevate your Mustang to the next level! The R727 is equipped with a Roush Phase 2 Supercharger, adding 727HP to the Mustang!

See below for more details about what the build contains and how to get your hands on one!

The main feature of this special R727 is the Roush front fascia, which changes the front completely, giving it a older mustang look, moving the DRL's to the lower middle, and turning the previous spots into a brake air duct, no wasted space on this front! As well as a new upper and lower grille, which comes with a "R" Roush badge, and a new splitter that is a little thicker in the front, with little aero winglets located on the sides.

Next features to add to this build, the Roush side scoops, side hockey stripes, Roush hood scoop (Which unfortunately isn't available anymore, but you can see in the YouTube video at the bottom, how we gave it a similar look) wheels and a Roush spoiler, all parts adding a unique look to the Mustang, standing out from the other Mustangs, colours of the side scoops, spoiler and graphics can come in any colour you like to make the car more suited to your style! You can choose from any of our wheels selection to add to the car, or you can stay with the stock wheel's!

Out with the stock manifold, and replaced with a Roush Phase 2 727HP Supercharger!!! The part most people want to know, how much power does this build get? You will go from the stock 450HP to a massive 727HP power leap! With instant power and torque, you will be pushed back in your seat as you zoom down the track or launch from the lights. With a good looking supercharger in your engine bay, new cold air intake, your engine will stand out from stock Mustangs!

All parts shown in this news post and the video below, can be bought separately as well as a full build kit, if you are interested in just parts or a full build, please contact us either via email or call us on 03 9753 5799