The RTR story all began in 2007. At just 26 years old, a young man named Vaughn Gittin Jr. had a big idea. He was working a full-time job during the week, and in his spare time, competing on the track in a Ford Mustang, working his way forward in the world of motorsports. Even in his early days of competition, Vaughn immediately noticed a special camaraderie in the Mustang community.

Only a year earlier, Vaughn had built his first Mustang competition race car and instantly recognized that he was part of a special group. An entire car culture existed inside the Mustang community, and Vaughn had found himself right in the middle of it. In 2007, Vaughn was wondering how so many people didn't see what he saw in the Ford Mustang. It was a fantastic car with a stellar track record but the general car culture at the time was more focused on import cars and the flashy car scene that they brought with them. Although the Mustang was great, enthusiasts that wanted a more personalized touch for their vehicle only had access to styling options that could best be described as "dated." That's when a lightbulb went off in Vaughn's head, and the RTR vision was born.

In 2009 the very first Mustang RTR was released to the public, and it quickly took off. Then in early 2010 an official alignment between RTR and Ford Motor Company was announced, pushing RTR beyond the typical aftermarket company and into availability within approved Ford dealerships. From the beginning, the world has learned what RTR are - an OEM+ performance vehicles company for the special kind of car and truck enthusiasts who want a little more for their vehicles.

Now over a decade later, a group of very passionate and talented people at RTR are still designing and delivering RTR vehicles to select Ford Dealerships around the world. All RTR vehicles are manufactured to the highest OEM standards and come with a full OEM warranty and financing options.

At RTR, they live by the phrase "Available to All, Not for Everyone" and they mean it. The team at RTR have designed and built very special cars, for very special people, for over 10 years. They know that not everyone is meant to be an RTR owner - and that's the point. Most people are happy to be the same as everyone else, happy to drive the same cars as their neighbours or friends. They want to blend in and have no desire to stand out among the crowd. But the people at RTR are not like that. They are passionate and enjoy the raw emotion that can be experience by driving a great vehicle. And since you're reading this, you might be cut from the same cloth. You haven't given up on feeling passion and emotion with the vehicles you drive. You are one of us.