Founded in 1988, Steeda is the leader in Ford performance products specialising in the engineering and manufacturing of parts for the Ford Mustang, and Ford Trucks. Steeda offer the largest complete line of Ford based parts and accessories and is considered the largest privately owned Ford performance based operation in the world.

Steeda Autosports equipped vehicles have won more races, set more records, and claim more championships with production based Mustangs than all of his competitors combined! More than Saleen, Shelby, and Roush together can lay claim to.

In 1988 Dario Orlando had the idea of creating a special high performance and limited edition Mustang line of vehicles that he wanted to call the “Sebring Mustang” series – no doubt naming it after the famed racetrack he had been so successfully at. Unable to legally obtain the “Sebring” naming rights for this special vehicle project, Dario with a check in the amount of $1,400 bought the naming rights to Steeda. Formally a manufacturer of high end tennis equipment, Steeda under the direction of Dario Orlando, was about to make a huge transformation from a company associated with a racket sport, to one that would provide the foundation for the development for what has become today the World’s Largest Exclusive Manufacturer of performance equipment for Ford Motor Company vehicles.

Initially the company produced a limited variety of aftermarket performance equipment for enthusiasts as well as limited production run of niche performance Mustang vehicles. The first Steeda Mustang, a 1988 model, today still makes historic appearances at various shows and races around the country.

Through the years, the designing, engineering and development of “best in class” performance parts at Steeda Autosports has become legendary. Nobody in the industry today can even come close to the level of perfection and performance that Steeda has instilled into the vast array of performance parts they manufacture under strict ISO 9001-2000 guidelines. With a product portfolio that has grown to include thousands of parts, Steeda has grown to be the single best source for performance parts for Ford Motor Company vehicles today.

Further proof that Dario takes his pursuit of Ford performance very seriously and that he is fully committed to servicing Ford Motor Company’s customers and enthusiasts for their performance needs. Many people might rest on their laurels, but Dario’s never quit attitude instilled into him by his father, provides the stage for great things to happen in the future.

Their collection of serialized vehicles has grown dramatically from that initial 1988 Steeda Mustang to today a portfolio that includes Steeda Mustangs, Fusions, Focus, and F-150s and will continue to grow with additional product offering in the near future as Dario is fully committed to supporting Ford Motor Company and it’s customers. Ford Motor Company has recognized Steeda Autosports as having “…..a fully engineered, super high-performance (vehicles) that can deliver Ferrari—like acceleration for only a fraction of the cost.”

Dario’s continued support of Ford Motor Company Performance Enthusiasts was further exemplified when in 2007, Dario announced a massive corporate expansion of Steeda Autosports that supplemented their current World Headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida. Valdosta Georgia was chosen as the site for a 35 acre automotive complex that included a 100,000 sq.ft. facility housing engineering offices, as well as global manufacturing and global warehousing facilities. Opened in 2008, this facility is the most modern and up-to-date aftermarket facility in the world and near term future plans call for a 1.2 mile test track, brake test area, and skid pad to be constructed - further supplementing Steeda Autosports vast engineering resource abilities. In addition, with varying road surfaces, the complex will be extensively used to test new performance parts and NVH characteristics, and serve as a test bed for owners of Steeda Performance Vehicles to participate in the Steeda School of Performance Driving with their new vehicles.