2020-2023 Ford Mustang Brake Fluid Safety Recall
2020-2023 Ford Mustang Brake Fluid Safety Recall

Recall Reference Number: 23C35

Ford Motor Company has determined that there is a safety compliance defect with certain model-year 2020–2023 Mustang vehicles and has issued a recall. The Body Control Module (BCM) has an incorrect configuration. The incorrect configuration parameter prevents performance of the brake fluid sensor diagnostics. Therefore, the “low brake fluid” warning light may not come on when the brake fluid falls below the recommended level. Owners will be notified by Ford by mail and instructed to take their vehicle to a Ford Dealer to have the BCM reconfigured to properly illuminate the brake fluid warning indicator when the master cylinder reservoir is low.

If you have had your Mustang tuned or supercharged by us, this wont affect your tune, as we have to reprogram the PCM (Powertrain Control Module), not the BCM, for the tune.

When you take your Mustang to Ford, request that they don't touch the PCM, if they request to touch it, please contact us or have the Ford dealership contact us to discuss about the PCM.

This is a safety recall, so please go to your local Ford dealer and get the recall corrected.