Chelsea Wins Formula Drift Championship
Chelsea Wins Formula Drift Championship

In a week where Chelsea dominated headlines it’s hard to imagine talking anything but his retirement and points leading heading into tonight’s final event; however, James had other plans, albeit not by his design. In his final run of the last practice before qualifying began Matt Field made contact with James sending him into the air and sliding on his driver’s side door along the wall. Thankfully James was good and the team up for the challenge of getting him a car he could run in qualifying, and run it he did to a 6th
place starting position. Chelsea would match James’ qualifying score but fall to 7th because of the tie breaker.


Formula Drift has a new champion and his name is Chelsea DeNofa! Entering the final round of the season with the points lead Chelsea would watch the 2nd place competitor fall in the Top 32 and Chelsea would now need only to win his 32 battle to clinch the Championship. However, in keeping with the wild weekend, Chelsea would fall to Kristaps Bluss meaning clinching the championship would now come down to driver Simen Olsen. Olsen would need to win the round to claim the championship for himself, anything less and it belonged to Chelsea. Fortunately, Chelsea didn’t need to wait long as Chris Forsberg bested Olsen in the Top 16 giving Chelsea his first Formula Drift Championship.

The fun didn’t stop there as a bruised James Deane drove his battered Mustang to the final four and a 3rd place finish at Irwindale, his 2nd podium of the season and finishing 5th overall in the championship. Vaughn would take his first battle to an OMT but would advance to the round of 16 where he would ultimately be eliminated following a hard hit into the wall.

However, the excitement is bittersweet as Chelsea, after much deliberation, has decided to step away from Formula Drift after this season. “While this chapter may be coming to a close, I'm excited about the new adventures that lie ahead for me and the team,” said Chelsea. “I have no doubt that the RTR legacy will continue to thrive, and I
look forward to watching you guys crush future successes from the other side. I
am sure we will work together again in the future.

”Quote from Vaughn: For the past seven years Chelsea has been an amazing addition to our team efforts on and off the track. I hope you will agree that what we have been able to achieve and deliver with him within our process and approach to marketing and motorsport has been nothing short of a great success. I am fully supportive of his
decision to step back from competition in Formula Drift to chase other dreams
that he has for himself. We have curated an incredible relationship, and I am
optimistic we will continue to be collaborating and he will not be straying too
far from our initiatives; however, what that looks like for him and wherever he
may roam I am confident it will be spectacular. Thank you for your belief in us
and the programs we deploy to support your goals year after year. We are
excited to continue the fun!