OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Challenge

OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Challenge

The 2024 Australian OPTIMA Ultimate Streetcar Challenge is the ultimate event for car enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies. Think you've got what it takes? Got a street registered vehicle? Join us on Saturday April 20 2024 at Calder Park Raceway for a weekend of high-octane excitement. Watch as top drivers compete for the ultimate prize or bring your own street car and show off your skills. Be quick because entries are capped at 80! Enter now to ensure you don't miss out.

It’s open to all street registered vehicles and there are ONLY 80 SPOTS AVAILABLE. It’s a chance for you to test the limit of your car and driving ability against the best street cars in the country! Do you have the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car?

To compete in the OPTIMA Ultimate Street Car Challenge you need to compete in four racing events on the day. Which consists of a Hot lap, Speed Stop, Drag Race and a Auto test.

Hot Lap: The hot lap is a blast around Calder Park's iconic main track.

Speed Stop: The speed stop comprises a short sprint through the drag-strip burnout box into a tight 180 onto the staging lanes, where a series of bollards must be navigated as quickly as possible before screeching to a halt in the brake box.

Drag Race: The drag race is a simple quarter-mile event.

Auto Test: The auto test is a sprint down a short section of the main track, with a couple of tight turns and straights, and a hairpin that catches pretty much everyone out.

We will be representing the Mustang tribe!! And we want YOU to come down and show off you Mustang in our Tribe and have more cars then any of the other Tribes!! Other tribes there will be, STREET MACHINE, JDM, EURO, RACER, DRAG CHALLENGER and NON TRIBAL.

We want to have the biggest and coolest looking Tribe, and need YOUR Mustang for it!! If you want to buy tickets either for competing or just spectating, click on the following link to buy a ticket.