Street-legal, track-ready supercar power with Mustang® soul.

Street-legal, track-ready supercar power with Mustang® soul.

Ford has announced their new Mustang GTD, a street legal supercar made for racing, with carbon fibre body parts, lighter wheels, a new semi-active suspension and a 5.2L V8 producing 800+ HP!! Read below to find out about the new parts and details.

Chiselled To Exploit The Air - The Mustang® GTD’s design is pure purpose. Every line drives unrelenting, aerodynamic performance on the streets — and the track — for a corner-obliterating, pulse-raising experience.

Carbon Fibre Body - Featuring a wide stance with extensive use of carbon fibre body panels to reduce weight, lower the centre of gravity and improve responsiveness. All to maximize the Mustang® GTD's performance and style.

Magnesium Wheels - These available wheels provide an ideal combination of weight and durability with excellent impact resistance . They're combined with the enormous 325mm front and 345 mm rear tyres - for track ready capability and standout looks.

Beyond Racing Suspension Technology - Show off and adjust the display worthy, available semi-active suspension and hydraulic control system, through the rear window. Letting you drive the Mustang® GTD performance car to the track then lower it for competition.

Supercharged 5.2L V8 Engine - The Ford Performance-engineered 5.2L V8 engine with 8-speed dual-clutch transmission is tuned for monstrous potency on pavement — targeting more than 800 horsepower, that's ready to conquer the streets and the track.

Semi-Active Suspension - Experience a state-of-the-art, pavement-grabbing ride. Featuring a unique short-long arm front suspension that provides enhanced lateral stiffness and improved kinematics, especially in high-G cornering. Combined with a first-of-its-kind dual ride height, it's optimized to smooth out dynamic conditions on surface streets and road courses alike.

Active Rear Wing - The Mustang® GTD features extreme performance and technology throughout, like the available C-pillar-mounted active aero rear wing. It provides massive downforce to produce responsive control while driving corner speeds up.

Near 50/50 Weight Balance - All the Mustang® GTD power is transmitted through a lightweight carbon fibre driveshaft connected to an 8-speed rear transaxle, for near 50/50 weight distribution. Resulting in extremely responsive handling and performance with a target of clearing the Nürburgring's 73 turns and corners in less than 7 minutes.

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