The 2017 SHELBY Super Snake package can be fitted to all 2016-17 Mustang GTs. The 50th Anniversary features (out of production) are only applicable to 2017 model vehicles.

The SHELBY Super Snake name is reserved for the most sought-after and extreme modification of the Ford Mustang GT platform and for 2016-17, we’ve turned it up another notch. Introducing the 750+hp SHELBY Super Snake.

The SHELBY Super Snake is the supercharged muscle car by which all others are measured. It features an all-new suspension, our strongest & lightest, one piece, forged aluminium, deep dish 20” wheels, and a choice of three superchargers with up to 750+hp. From the hood and rocker blades to the spoiler and diffuser, this car looks and means all business.

And if all this eye candy wasn’t drool-inducing enough, wait until your ears are treated to the symphony of sound emanating from the exhaust. If you wanted quiet, go to the library or buy a hybrid. The SHELBY Super Snake is available in manual or automatic, and coupe or convertible.

All SHELBY products are of high quality, and the workmanship that goes into turning your car into a Super Snake reflects the standards of SHELBY American. At Mustang Motorsport, we are the only fully authorised SHELBY Dealer, meaning you have peace of mind with the highest levels of quality control. All SHELBY vehicles are built by Mustang Motorsport under license from SHELBY American, meaning they are fully authentic SHELBY vehicles entered into the SHELBY Registry.


Under the functional hood, the Super Snake combines Ford’s iconic 5.0 V8 engine with forced induction for 670 horsepower; optional superchargers can pump out over 750 horsepower. Only 500 of these 2017 Super Snakes will be available worldwide


This Super Snake embraces Shelby embroidered, leather seats and headrests. Based on the world-class Ford Mustang GT, the new supercharged Super Snake is equally capable on the road and the track. Shelby American collaborated with world-class auto giants like Ford Performance, Borla and Wilwood to engineer this next gen Shelby.


The optional Shelby Super Snake Wide Body package was created to maximise the handling of the Ford Mustang chassis. A road racer’s dream, the car has better traction for later braking and earlier acceleration out of corners. Other key benefits include more driver communication and better ability to absorb track imperfections for razor sharp handling on most any surface.
Designed by Shelby American, the integrated new body panels add approximately 4 inches to the rear track and 2.5 inches to the front. It is fitted with bigger brakes, hardened wheel studs, stronger spindles and hubs, as well as a more aggressive wheel and tyre package to connect every horsepower to the road. An optional fully adjustable coil over suspension system is also available that delivers race day quality control and adjust-ability.

Hand-built with exquisite attention to detail and uniquely serialised, the 2016-2017 SHELBY SUPER SNAKE is built by Mustang Motorsport under licence by SHELBY American.


  • 7 state ADR Compliance plate
  • Ford Performance 670 HP supercharger (standard)
  • Ford Performance track handling pack
  • Ford Performance exhaust
  • 20” forged aluminum wheels, black
  • Shelby performance spec tyres
  • Shelby by Wilwood brake system (6 piston front, 4 piston rear)
  • Shelby exclusive brake & bearing duct cooling system
  • Shelby engineered body components: (Includes hood, grilles, rockers, rocker splitters, front splitter, rear spoiler, rear tail panel, rear diffuser, lower rear splitter and more)
  • Striping & badging (2017 MY examples receive 50th anniversary badging)
  • Exclusive Shelby integrated LED fog / running / turn signal lamp assemblies
  • Floor mats and door sill plates
  • Gauge cluster with Shelby by AutoMeter wireless gauges
  • Floor mats and door sill plates
  • Engine cap set
  • 750+ horsepower supercharger (Whipple or Kenne Bell, black finish standard)
  • Shelby extreme cooling
  • Ford Performance half shafts
  • Transmission cooling (automatic only)
  • One-piece drive shaft
  • Ford Performance wheel studs
  • Short throw shifter
  • Shelby coil covers
  • Ford Performance half shafts
  • Shelby extreme cooling system (Includes radiator and overflow tank)
  • Painted stripes
  • Stripe delete (side stripe is mandatory for all models)
  • Bright finish 20” forged aluminum wheels
  • Shelby spec seat interior
  • Convertible light bar