The ROUSH Nitemare is ROUSH's quickest production truck. Packed with a ROUSH-supercharged 650-horsepower V8, lowered suspension components, custom-designed 22-inch wheel and signature ROUSH style, the Nitemare delivers a potent combination of power, performance and style that’s in a class of its own.

Starting with the ROUSH TVS R2650 Supercharger System, the Nitemare 5.0L V8 engine is boosted to 650hp and 610lb-ft of torque, allowing for sprints to 60mph in as little as 3.9 seconds. The ROUSH-designed Satin Black 22-inch, 7-spoke wheels and standard sport lowering kit helps stabilise the truck and reduces body roll, along with giving the truck a lowered stance.

The Nitemare’s stealthy appearance demands a second glance. Up front, the signature ROUSH grille features integrated accent lighting, while the ROUSH front bumper cover is designed to work seamlessly with Ford's adaptive cruise control system without sacrificing style. The exclusive Nitemare graphics package includes a hockey stripe side graphic, tailgate blackout graphic, hood graphics, USA flag graphics and the Jack Roush signature graphic.

The Premium Nitemare Leather Upgrade features black and red leather seats and bespoke stitching in the seatback and the Console Vault.

Vehicles are sourced through our dealer networks and personal contacts in the US and imported into Australia. Right hand drive conversions of the F-150 are performed through Mustang Motorsport in conjunction with its founding company Crossover Car Conversions, which have been performing highest quality right hand drive conversions since 1990.

Hand-built with exquisite attention to detail and uniquely serialised, the 2020 ROUSH F-150 NITEMARE is built by Mustang Motorsport under licence by ROUSH Performance.

Starting at $39,990

Upgrade Package only (not including base vehicle).
PLEASE NOTE: Base price includes the Upgrade Package, fitment and GST. It DOES NOT INCLUDE the cost of the base vehicle, government charges or other on-road costs.


  • 7 state & territory legal ADR engineering compliance
  • MM driveline warranty 3yr/60,000km
  • 650hp ROUSH TVS R2650 Supercharger System
  • Dual Tip Performance Exhaust System
  • ROUSH Sport Lowering Kit
  • ROUSH 22” 7-spoke Satin Black Wheels
  • Locking Lug Nut Set
  • ROUSH Grille with Signature Lighting
  • ROUSH Custom Front Bumper Cover
  • ROUSH Licence Plate & Frame
  • Nitemare Fender Badges
  • ROUSH 'R' Puddle Lamps (Crew Cab only)
  • Hockey Stripe Graphic with Accent
  • ROUSH Hood Graphic
  • ROUSHcharged Hood Decal
  • ROUSH Nitemare Tailgate Blackout Graphic
  • ROUSH Windshield Banner, USA Flag Graphic & Jack Roush Signature Graphic
  • ROUSH Nitemare Premium Leather Seating
  • ROUSH Serialised Console Badge
  • ROUSH Owners Manual Supplement
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • ROUSH Key Fob Covers
  • Dual Tip Active Exhaust System
  • ROUSH Console Vault (Crew Cab only)
  • Off-Road Utility Kit


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