Introducing the Ultimate Supercharger Solution: The Gen 5x 3.0L Stage 2 System
Elevate your driving experience with the most potent and comprehensive supercharger system on the market, now featuring the unparalleled Gen 5x 3.0L Supercharger as standard. This is the same cutting-edge technology used in the 2018 Ford Cobra Jet, setting a new benchmark for performance and engineering excellence.
Whipple Superchargers is proud to present the pinnacle of supercharging technology. Our latest offering is not only the most advanced and powerful but also maintains compliance with ADR approved emissions standards certified by Mustang Motorsport without compromising on quality. The 5th generation Whipple 3.0L supercharger boasts a newly designed rotor profile and an enhanced high flow rotor housing, unlocking unprecedented power levels.
Our Stage 2 Whipple System is the embodiment of superior engineering, featuring a billet Roval 132mm electronic throttle body and high-capacity fuel injectors, ensuring unmatched flow capabilities. Coupled with a new high-flow intercooler pump and our patented dual-core, dual-pass intercooler, it achieves the lowest possible temperatures and highest efficiency. The result? Up to 825 engine horsepower and 640 foot-pounds of torque on 93 octane fuel. This nearly 90% increase in power transforms your vehicle into a beast on the road, with the unique Roval 132mm billet throttle body and high-flow injectors amplifying the thrill of driving.
Whipple Superchargers stands unrivaled in its commitment to innovation, meticulously crafting systems that achieve unmatched power efficiency. Our signature twin-screw supercharger, together with a colossal air-to-water intercooler and the Crusher air system, guarantees both reliability and exceptional power delivery. From the instant you depress the pedal, you feel the surge all the way to the redline. Featuring our groundbreaking patented dual intercooler core with dual pass technology, it ensures your Mustang remains at the pinnacle of performance by double cooling the supercharged air. This innovation, coupled with the remarkable gains in horsepower and torque, transforms your vehicle into an exhilarating yet dependable powerhouse.
Our systems are engineered for both the daily driver seeking added performance and the enthusiast desiring a street-dominating machine. The Whipple Supercharger system promises exhilarating power across the entire RPM range, with exceptional drivability.
Thanks to decades of OEM and racing experience, Whipple has created a unique PCM calibration that optimizes all necessary engine functions, including fuel, spark, and torque management. This ensures your engine operates within optimal parameters, safeguarding performance and reliability. Each kit includes a bespoke software package and an OBDII flash tool, allowing for easy updates. The included HP Tuner RDT tool offers powerful data logging capabilities, along with the ability to adjust wheel/axle size and perform critical engine relearns.
Choose Whipple Superchargers for unmatched performance and reliability, and unleash the full potential of your vehicle today.


  • Most powerful ADR APPROVED Supercharger (825 engine HP on 98 octane)
  • No other upgrades required, just massive power right out of the box (nearly double the stock horsepower)
  • Inverted front entry W185ax (3.0 liters) Whipple twin-screw supercharger that significantly outperforms competitions 1.9L and 2.3L roots-type systems (front entry design can be up to 8% more efficient then a side/rear entry)
  • 3.0L is 30% larger than 2.3L roots-type allowing lower power consumption and lower discharge temps to flow the same amount of air (more power to the rear wheels)
  • Oversized Crusher™ inlet for maximum airflow capacity and minimal rotor cavitation (unique Roval 150mm inlet)
  • Front feed allows for oversized intercooler core compared to other smaller intercooler cores giving Whipple lower air charge temps which allows more boost and timing to be run on pump gas
  • Patented dual core, dual pass intercooler system for industry leading air temps
  • Largest air-to-water aluminum bar-plate intercooler in the industry (over 33% larger than competition) offers more cooling than any other positive displacement system available, nothing comes close
  • Massive oversized aluminum intercooler reservoir (over 2 gallons) holds more than double any competitors IC water system allowing longer more consistent power levels vs. competition
  • Whipple Superchargers massive oversized intercooled air-bypass system for industry leading reduction of burst knock and incredible fuel economy
  • Included HP Tuner RDT flash tool
  • 55LB/HR fuel injectors vs others 47LB/HR that others use which severely limits power potential
  • Self-contained oversized oil system for dramatically reduced oil temps in even the most demanding conditions
  • More boost at the "hit" than any other twin-screw
  • Flat torque curve for incredible acceleration
  • Oversized heat exchanger for incredible intercooler water temps, 150% more volume then competition, standard with every kit
  • No cutting or grinding on the engine block
  • No internal modifications required
  • Completed installation looks factory installed, not some cobbled together kit with multiple billet adapters
  • Kits come complete with all necessary parts and hardware for installation
  • Plug and play wiring with male and female connections
  • Proven 6-rib belt system with heavy duty spring loaded tensioner and adjustable idler system
  • Optional 10-rib belt system with matching billet pulleys
  • Available in wrinkle black, polish, Ford textured blue or any custom color
  • Easily upgradeable with bigger intercooler pumps, dual electric Spal 11" high speed fans, optional supercharger pulleys
  • Instant boost at the touch of the throttle
  • 3 minute pulley changes
  • Easy belt changes
  • Lightweight pocketed aluminum SC pulley
  • Spark plugs included

    NOTE: We would also advise getting an engineering report (VASS Plate:Victoria) done at the same time, in order for the modifications to pass a roadworthy should it be deemed necessary in the future. Please call or email to find out more.


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