Introducing the State-of-the-Art,  Supercharger System for the 2018-2023 Ford Mustang Stage 2

This Whipple Kit is Exclusive to Mustang Motorsport - you will not find this exact kit anywhere else in Australia! Made To be a complete bolt on upgrade with no other modifications required. Designed for stock engine!
Whipple Superchargers has once again redefined the boundaries of performance with our latest innovation. Building on the legacy of our record-breaking S550 supercharger system—renowned as the most potent and sophisticated in the market—we aimed even higher. The result is our revolutionary Stage 2 supercharger system, delivering an impressive *825 flywheel horsepower and 655 foot-pounds of torque, all within the stringent emissions regulations meaning We can ADR comply your vehicle with this package making it road legal for Australia!
Our latest creation features the cutting-edge Generation 5x 3.0L front feed twin-screw supercharger, a significant leap forward from its predecessors. This new supercharger boasts unparalleled efficiency across the entire rev range, thanks to its all-new bearings, gears, rotors, and housing. These innovations allow it to operate faster and more reliably, producing unprecedented power levels. The Gen 5's design includes a novel 3/4 rotor combination, a 285-degree helix angle for improved airflow, a redesigned bell mouth inlet, an optimized discharge port, and a diameter to length ratio optimized for peak efficiency.
In addition to its superior supercharger unit, the system features an all-new patented dual-core, dual-pass intercooler, surpassing even the substantial cooling capabilities of the Whipple Cooler used in the Ford Cobra Jets and record-setting S550 Mustangs. This, combined with the industry's leading heat exchanger, water reservoir, and intercooler pump, ensures optimal performance through lower boost levels and rapid recovery after intense driving conditions.
Leveraging decades of OEM and competitive racing insights, Whipple engineers have devised a bespoke PCM calibration protocol. This system intricately adjusts critical engine functions such as fuel delivery, spark timing, knock detection, torque management, transmission control, and electronic throttle regulation. The vehicle's PCM diligently monitors and adjusts engine torque, maintaining peak performance and reliability. This exclusive calibration, paired with the Whipple kit's unique software and the HP Tuner RTD flash tool, offers unparalleled control and update flexibility to our customers.
Each comprehensive Whipple system includes an IAT2 harness and sensor to meticulously gauge the temperature differential between incoming and compressed air post-intercooling, optimizing power output across varying conditions. The robust 6-rib billet idler setup, equipped with a billet spring-loaded tensioner, billet idler pulleys, and a lightweight pocketed supercharger pulley, is designed for easy upgrade to a 10-rib configuration if desired. The system also features an adjustable idler pulley, accommodating varying supercharger pulley sizes with minimal belt length adjustments. The expansive 150mm Roval inlet caters to a wide range of throttle bodies and never limits airflow.
With this unparalleled combination of power, precision, and versatility, the Whipple Supercharger system for the 2018-2021 Ford Mustang sets a new standard for performance supercharging, ready to redefine your driving experience.
  • ADR Approved by Mustang Motorsport.
  • Largest intercooler system on the market, featuring patented dual intercooler, dual pass technology
  • Billet 132mm Whipple Roval throttle body
  • No other upgrades required, just massive power right out of the box
  • Front entry Gen 5 W185ax (3.0 liters/3000cc) Whipple twin-screw supercharger that significantly outperforms competitions 2.3L and 2.65L roots-type systems
  • Gen 5x supercharger features new 3x4 rotor combination for increased RPM capacity, large diameter for increased airflow and small leak path, increased helix for optimal sealing
  • 3.0L is 13% larger than 2.65L roots-type allowing lower power draw and lower discharge temps to flow the same amount of air (more power to the rear wheels)
  • Oversized Crusher™ 150mm inlet for maximum airflow capacity and minimal rotor cavitation
  • Inverted design allows for oversized intercooler core compared to other smaller intercooler cores giving Whipple lower air charge temps which allows more boost and timing to be run on pump gas
  • Massive air-to-water aluminum bar-plate intercoolers (over 55% larger than some competition) offer more cooling than any other positive displacement system available, nothing comes close
  • High flow intercooler pump, nearly double the flow of the standard units others use
  • Whipple Superchargers massive oversized intercooled air-bypass system for industry leading reduction of burst knock and incredible fuel economy
  • HP Tuner RTD flash tool
  • High flow, dual beam fuel injectors vs stock 17lb/hr stock injectors
  • Exclusive 3x4 rotor combo for significant increase in airflow under the curve than less efficient 4x4 roots
  • Extra plenum volume below intercooler core for far less pressure drop and better use of the increased surface area of the massive intercooler core
  • More boost at the "hit" than any other twin-screw
  • Flat torque curve for incredible acceleration
  • Oversized heat exchanger for incredible intercooler water temps, 150% more volume than competition, standard with every kit
  • Fits under factory hood with no modifications
  • No cutting or grinding on the engine block
  • Kits come complete with all necessary parts and hardware for installation
  • Plug and play wiring with male and female connections
  • Proven 6-rib belt system with heavy duty spring loaded tensioner and adjustable idler system
  • Optional 10-rib belt system with matching 6061 T6 billet pulleys
  • OEM quick connect fittings for easy installation
  • Available in wrinkle black, polish, Ford textured blue or any custom color
  • Instant boost at the touch of the throttle
  • Easy belt changes
  • Lightweight pocketed 6061 T6 billet aluminum SC pulley
  • Colder, Iridium spark plugs included
    NOTE: We would also advise getting an engineering report (VASS Plate:Victoria) done at the same time, in order for the modifications to pass a roadworthy should it be deemed necessary in the future. Please call or email to find out more.


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