The Ultimate Mach 1 brings gains over the Australian-released Mach 1, sporting the US performance pack upgrades and a 825HP Whipple Supercharger.

The Mach 1 is an important part of Mustang history, so it was great when Ford brought it back for a limited run! Despite it providing performance gains over the GT, that wasn't enough for Dean who wanted it to live up to it's fullest potential.

When it was announced that the Mach 1 in Australia wouldn't come with all of the performance pack offerings that the US siblings got, we got to work at ordering the other Mach 1 components to make sure that us Aussies wouldn't be missing out.

Dean's Mach 1 was fitted with the key performance pack items, both cosmetic and performance - we added the Mach 1 Performance Pack Spoiler, a Torsen differential with the US-Spec 3.73 ratio. We topped it off with a whopping 825HP Supercharger to really get it flying. For a full list of parts, check below this description.

This was a fun build for us, and we loved working with Dean to create this absolute beast. The build was such a love letter to the old Mustangs that it even featured in Unique Cars Magazine issue 460, available to read online here.

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