Whipple F150 2021-23 V6 EcoBoost Performance Pack

Mustang MotorsportSKU: EB-8113

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Whipple, known for its industry leading upgrade systems and technological innovations, now offers the first and only performance kit for the 2021-2023 3.5L Ecoboost!  

The stage 1 systems couples the Whipple Mega Cooler, rotor Molded high velocity cold air intake and industry leading custom calibration to make an amazing 60* foot pounds of torque and 35* horsepower more than stock. Even better, from 2000rpm, the systems produces more torque than stocker stock giving more power under the curve for incredible throttle response. The calibration further enhances shift points to better utilize the increased torque.

The Whipple Monster Cooler offers 54% greater volume and 8% more surface area. The bar and plate type intercooler features offset fin on both the cold and hot side, allowing for increased cooling capacity while fitting into the stock packaging, yet significantly out performing the stock cooler. Test show a 60 degree (F) drop in temperature just on the dyno, yet even bigger gains are shown during real world applications. The colder air allows increased spark advance and more O2 to the engine, resulting in more power while maintaining safety.

The Whipple high velocity air intake system boast the CAD driven, CFD Molded rotor Molded plastic air intake that maximizes air speed while reducing inlet restrictions. The air system features the velocity stack gauze those filter with extra wide pleats, giving the air filter the capacity to flow over 132% more air than a stock paper filter.

The Whipple Stage 1 also offers the only tire/axle tool, allowing speedometer adjustment for aftermarket changes. 

The Stage 1 system heart and soul is the industry leading calibration. Whipple and it's Ford calibration team worked feverishly using advanced tools to develop a calibration that could maximize power while being legal and safe at the same time. After countless dyno and real world testing in multiple environments, the engineers were able to extract massive levels of torque and horsepower yet maintaining factory type safety settings. Each system features the Whipple Tomahawk flash tool that allows easy uploading and downloading of the custom files. The Tomahawk also features read and erase trouble codes, live data and data logging capacity.

The Whipple Stage 1 system is the first and approved in America emissions standards allowing use in Australia model years 2024. EO-D231-90.

No cutting or grinding required.


*Flywheel power ratings with 93 octane. Power levels may vary depending on octane and conditions.


Installation Time: 2.5 hours


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