Mustang Motorsport 2015-23 Spare Wheel Kit

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Many are annoyed that their beloved Mustang didn't come with a proper spare wheel, and instead only an inflator kit that won't save you in all circumstances!
A solution to this problem has landed in Australia and at Mustang Motorsport, we're proud to supply it to you!

This Space Saver Kit will fit both the GT, Bullitt, Mach1, and EcoBoost, and has no issues clearing the Brembo Brakes. Additionally it has the same rolling diameter of your stock / 20" rims, so you can rest assured your Mustang won't be driving lop-sided.

At Mustang Motorsport, we also want to ensure you quality parts! So instead of buying a jack and lever from any old place, these have been sourced through Ford as a genuine part. You won't need to worry about jacks collapsing, or levers bending, being of OEM Ford quality!

Product Features:
- 19 "Alloy wheel and tyre assembly
- Tyre is 135/7OR19
- Gloss Black Colour
- Fits over Brembo Brakes
- Fits all GT & EcoBoost Models
- Fits in spare wheel well
- Fits under boot floor panel and doesn't raise floor panel
- Retains use of OEM wheel nuts
- Hub centric same as OEM wheel
- Wheel and Tyre come fully balanced
- Includes Felt Mat for between Wheel and Wheel Well to keep things clean
- 80 Km speed rating on approved tyre
- Rim meets JWL and TUV load ratings
- Should you require a replacement tyre, they are readily available Australia wide

Kit Contents:
- Rim with Tyre
- Genuine Ford Vehicle Jack
- Genuine Ford Tyre Lever for OEM wheel nuts

Doesn't Fit GT350 Brembo Brake Upgrade Kit 
You will need to purchase a wheel brace that fits small diameter wheel nuts if you have aftermarket wheels. We sell one (see below).


Tools Required: None
Time of Install: About 30 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Fitting Instructions

Guide with images Here

First, put in the piece of carpet at the bottom of the well to stop any jiggling or noise. Unwind the jack as per picture, then place these into the wheel well with the Thread up against the point that the wheel hold down threads into in the wheel well. Then we usually place the paper packing that was around the jack and lever in the box over the top part of the jack to further reduce any jiggling or noise from the kit. We then place the wheel into the well, sitting on top of the jack and lever, fit the jack handle between the tyre and back of the wheel well, then take the screw down from the inflator kit, put this through the centre of the wheel, the hole in the lever, and through into the right-hand screw hole in the wheel well. Screw it down until the whole kit is firmly in place with little movement.

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