Oro-Tek 2015+ Short Stem Valves with TPMS Mount (Set of 4)

Mustang MotorsportSKU: 930-20010

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Short Replacement TPMS Valve Stems - Set of 4

When looking for a set of wheels, some require a short stem valve to have full clearance - especially when you've got big brakes!
Many Short Stem Valves on the market do not have provisions for TPMS Sensors, which means you either have to do away with your TPMS Sensors, or do a custom job in a hope that the sensors will fit - which is not always ideal.
Luckily, Oro-Tek came up with a better solution! These Short Stem Valves are compatible with a range of TPMS Sensors, in particular the Mustang Sensors. This means you can still retain your TPMS system, even when short stem valves are required!

If you're after Short Stem Valves simply because you don't like the look of the long valve stems, these are perfectly compatible and can be used on the standard Mustang wheels.

Product Specifications:
- Package Includes: 4 Valves, 4 Caps, and 4 Screws
- Type: Snap-in valve stem
- Length: 1.73"
- Material: Rubber
- Finish: Black

Application Data:
- Nut Torque (in-lbs): 11.5
- Nut Torque (N-m): 2 
- Core Torque (in-lbs): 2-5
- Core Torque (N-m): 0.23-0.56

Note: The screw included is self tapping, you will need to use a little extra pressure on the first few turns to get the threads started.
NOTE: These Short Stem Valves do NOT include TPMS Sensors. For Compatible TPMS Sensors, please click here

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