ROUSH 2010-23 Mechanical Boost Gauge

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This ROUSH® Mechanical Boost Gauge will allow you to monitor the vacuum/boost of your ROUSHcharged™, supercharged, or turbocharged engine, while adding a real race-quality feel to the inside of your ride.

The gauge reads from -30 to 20 lbs. of boost and features a black face with LED backlighting. The gauge is 2 1/16" in diameter. The package includes wiring, vacuum/boost tubing, fittings, and hardware.

- ROUSH® Mechanical LED Vacuum/Boost Gauge
- Works with Supercharged and Turbocharged vehicles
- Adds race-quality feel to your car's instruments
- 2 1/16-inch in diameter
- Black face with LED Lighting
- Reads from
- 30 to 20 lbs. of boost
- Features ROUSH® logo

Note: Does NOT include gauge holder.


Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: About 2 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Gauge Holder Required

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