Steeda 2015-24 5.0L V8 Adjustable Urethane Differential Bushing Insert System - with Bolts

Steeda AutosportsSKU: 555-4443

Sale price$300.00


Steeda Autosport's has once again taken the S550/S650 Mustang to the next level of performance and comfort with our exclusive Adjustable Urethane Differential Mount Bushing Insert System for all 2015-24 Mustang GT! When Steeda's engineers sat down to design this kit, they had to come up with a way to increase performance without sacrificing an ounce of drivability - all while keeping the car quiet!

Unlike the competitors' kits that will absolutely increase NVH (noise, vibration, harshness), take 3-4 hours to install, and forces you to permanently modify the rear IRS suspension with a Sawzall, Steeda's does not! Steeda's kit installs in under 1 hour, adds little to no increase in NVH, is adjustable and can be easily removed - it simply doesn't get any better than this!

Minimise pinion angle changes, increase traction, eliminate wheel hop and differential deflection with Steeda's new kit. Made from high-strength urethane to Steeda's exact specifications and durometers, the kit comes with 2 different bushing options - the red 'street' 80 durometer bushings and the black 'performance' 90 durometer bushings. Both bushing options will increase performance with no increase in NVH, a Steeda-exclusive.

Steeda's kit adds the strength and support the OEM bushings need to perform the way customers intended. Once again, this is not a permanent modification - there is no drilling, cutting or pressing required. Simply loosen and remove a couple bolts and this kit installs in less than 1 hour. Bushings are included for both the front and rear differential mounting locations. Grade 10.9 hardware is included with zinc-plated washers.

Note: For hardcore enthusiasts that want ZERO pinion deflection, try our Steeda's 555-4440 kit. This kit features aluminium bushing inserts. For race-use only as it will increase NVH and gear noise.

Product Benefits:
- Limits IRS differential movement while increasing traction and eliminating wheel hop
- Little to no increase in NVH, unlike the competition
- Easily removable, not a permanent modification
- 100% designed, manufactured and made in the USA
- Installs in 2 hours or less

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