Steeda 2015-24 5.0L V8 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter

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Steeda's S550/S650 Mustang GT MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter is a full factory shifter assembly replacement for your 2015-2024 Mustang GT. Steeda's race short throw shifter eliminates all slop and deflection of the factory shifter, and still retains the factory shift knob, pull-up style reverse lockout and backup camera functionality.

With the replacement of your factory shifter assembly with Steeda's short throw shifter, you will notice a 30% reduction in throw between gears. Steeda's shifter assembly will also lower the shift knob by 1", putting it in a better 'power' shifting position. The Steeda S550/S650 Mustang MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter is quieter than the stock shifter during daily driving, although during race applications you may notice a slight NVH increase.

One of the great benefits to this shifter assembly is that it's completely top-loaded. Steeda's short throw shifter comes with 2 different spring set options for a fully adjustable shifting experience. The kit comes complete with 2 medium-resistance springs and 2 high-resistance springs. The Steeda Tri-Ax has adjustable return springs to fit every drivers' preference on shifter feel. Using an offset spring tension ensures that you hit your 2nd-3rd gear change every time. Since Steeda's MT-82 short shifter is top-loaded, once the base plate is mounted, you can change all of your springs, levers and other options all from inside the car without taking out the full shifter assembly!

Steeda's Tri-Ax shifter features rigid mounting in the front and Steeda poly bushing in the rear, virtually eliminating slop and shifter deflection. With less deflection you will feel a much more direct gear change. The assembly is transmission and chassis-mounted so you don't get the 'walking' affect of a fully transmission-mounted assembly, all while still gaining a more rigid shifter feel. Factory shift shaft bushings are replaced with wider, high-quality machine-finished, low-friction bushings. Tolerances are controlled up to a half thousandth of an inch to ensure OE-quality fitment, alignment and shaft actuation. These features alone make the Steeda Tri-Ax one of the most positive feeling shifters on the market today. To top it all off, the Steeda Mustang GT shifter assembly includes Dynamat sound-deadening material to close out your transmission tunnel and ensures your S550 stays as quiet as the stock assembly.

Steeda's S550/S650 Mustang MT-82 Tri-Ax Race Short Throw Shifter is manufactured from high-quality aircraft-grade aluminium making it 20% lighter than the competitions' shifter assemblies. The shift lever itself on Steeda's Tri-Ax is made from heat-treated and nickel-plated 4140 steel, making it the strongest part out on the market. All hardware is stainless steel for the highest corrosion-resistance possible. Included in the kit is hardware to tighten up the factory shift knob perfectly into a locking position. These parts have been put to the test on the street and the track and are proven not to bind under extreme conditions or temperatures.

Product Benefits:
- 30% throw reduction
- 20% lighter than the competition
- Eliminates slop and shifter deflection
- Shift knob sits 1" lower for ideal 'power shifting' position
- Top-loaded installation with adjustable springs, in-car assembly
- Retains factory pull-up reverse lockout, OE thread pitch, and back-up camera functionality
- Includes Steeda's Shifter Base Bushing Bracket
- Precision-fit bushings for a direct positive feeling shift
- Lifetime Steeda warranty
- Made in the USA

U.S. Utility Patent 7,464,621


Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: About 2.5 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

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