Whipple 2015-17 and 19-21 EcoBoost Mega Intercooler

Mustang MotorsportSKU: EB-8020

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Whipple, known for its industry leading supercharger systems and commitment to leading the market in power has now brought that same technology to the 2.3L Mustang Ecoboost with the massive Mega Intercooler. The Whipple Monster Intercooler offers 287% more surface area vs the stock unit and 272% greater volume. This massive difference, coupled with the unique offset fin and heavy-duty bar-and-plate construction makes this one of the most powerful intercooler options available today. More power in all conditions, including racing and aggressive running where the factory unit quickly overheats and robs power.

The factory intercooler cannot keep up during consistent power demand, easily exceeding 94°C after the intercooler with stock tuning. That's 94°C air going into the motor, robbing power, reducing spark advance and requiring extra fuel to keep the powertrain live. With the Whipple Mega Cooler, temps hover nearly 38°C cooler then stock giving more horsepower and torque then stock, without ever changing the calibration or other bolt on parts. Even better, the temp maintains consistent run after run where the stock one continues to rise.

Couple the massive air-to-air intercooler with other aftermarket bolt-on and see the power climb even greater. A must have for any Ecoboost Mustang owners who want more power without sacrificing reliability. Intercooler kits come with the silicone hose, clamps, adapters and hardware needed for a simple installation. No cutting or grinding required.

Whipple's Superior Engineering:
Whipple engineers developed the largest, most efficient intercooler available that requires zero modifications to the vehicle. Using advanced CFD modelling, the Whipple Mega Cooler significantly outflows the stock intercooler while offering significantly cooler air. The bar and plate type intercooler features offset air fin with 16 fins per inch, creating increased cooling with low pressure drop.

The Mega Intercooler is 20"x17.1"x3" which totals 342 square-inches of surface area and 272% greater volume then the stock unit. The factory cooler measures 20.75"x5.75"x3.15" which totals only 119 square-inches of surface area, giving the Whipple Mega Cooler a massive advantage to maintain temps in all applications.

Product Features:
- Increased power with no other mods
- Massive Mega Cooler features 287% more surface area than stock intercooler
- Massive Mega Cooler features 272% greater volume then stock intercooler
- Temperature drops of nearly 32°C vs stock intercooler
- Comes complete with hose and clamps for simple installation
- Heavy duty bar and plate construction, won't fail like tube and fin designs
- Compatible with other boost enhancers
- Compatible with other aftermarket intake systems
- Bolt-on performance, no modifications required
- Zero cutting of vehicle
- Consistent power, run after run
*Power levels may vary depending on octane and operating conditions.

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