Ford Performance 2015-24 S550 Mustang 8.8" 3.73 IRS Diff Ring and Pinion Gear Set

Ford PerformanceSKU: M-4209-88373A

Sale price$440.00


Diff Install Kit is Required!!

Ring and pinion sets have proven to be one the most popular modifications for just about any Mustang owner. So much about how your Mustang feels can be controlled by replacing the factory Ring and Pinion Gears in your 2015-2024 Mustang. Whether you’re looking for faster acceleration or a higher top speed, with this set from Ford Performance, you’ll have the correct top quality parts to take full control over your Mustang.

All Ford Performance (formerly Ford Racing) Ring and Pinion Gear Sets are made in the United States at Ford's Sterling Axle Plant. The lower the ratio (higher the number), the quicker your car will accelerate and you will feel the difference in the "seat of your pants". Ford Performance’s 8.8" gears are the choice of championship road racing and drag racing teams around the world. Featuring OEM quality, a superior surface finish, hardening and strict manufacturing consistency, this gear set will provide you the strongest and quietest performance on the market today!

When you choose to install new ring and pinion gears into your 2015-24 Mustang, you should replace the potentially worn out or damaged seals and bearings while your IRS housing is apart. The Ford Performance Ring and Pinion Installation Kit offers peace of mind against the need for a second costly tear down and rebuild. This Ford Performance (formerly Ford Racing) kit will arrive complete with all the necessary parts to swap out the ring and pinion gear set in your IRS equipped 2015-2024 Mustang.

Features and Benefits:
- Strong Unmatched Forged Construction and Quality
- Quiet Worry-Free Performance
- Corrosion Resistant Black Oxide Finish
- Perfect for Street or Track Use
- Made in the USA
- Professional Installation is Highly Recommended

Included in Kit:

- OEM Ring Gear
- OEM Pinion
- OEM Pinion Bearings and Races
- OEM Differential Bearings and Races
- Pinion and Differential Shims
- Crush Sleeve
- Pinion Nut
- Pinion Seal
- Ring Gear Bolts
- Gear-Marking Compound

Mustang Motorsport can fit this entire kit for an additional $1,320

IMPOTANT NOTE: Changing the diff ratio will require re calibration of the speedo. Cost for this to be done is 2015-17 $200       2018-24 $400

This Buys Credits to unlock the ECU: Should you want to do a Custom Tune later on this amount will be deducted from our normal Tune cost.

(If you already have a Mustang Motorsport Tune this cost is $165)


Tools Required: Specialist Tools
Time of Install: About 6 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Extreme, Tech Required

Installation Guide

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