Shockworks 2022+ Next Gen Ranger Adjustable Performance Coilovers (Level Kit)

Shockworks SuspensionSKU: SW-Ranger-22-C-LK

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Shockworks come with a 2 Year Warranty and exceed OEM Durability Tests!

"The fitment of front and rear camber kits is also recommended"

Shockworks by NTS dampers has been developed by a team of dedicated chassis engineers who believe that great handling and precision does not mean a bone crunching ride. Shockworks dampers are tuned and manufactured with OEM quality standards and testing requirements.

Shockworks by NTS adjustable dampers deliver outstanding ride quality for Australian road conditions and race tracks with class leading handling balance with the development of their new piston technology.

Shockworks experience and technology gives us unique tools and expertise to solve your road vehicle ride and handling issues using their fully equipped damper tuning workshop, which includes a full dyno tuning setup. Shockworks works with vehicle and shock absorber manufacturers; tuning their chassis for both high performance driving as well as normal passenger vehicle driving. They even work with a small volume concept vehicles. They use their products, service, and team to support On track race teams on practice days.

Prior to starting Shockworks Pty Ltd, Brett Brien the Technical Director, spent 20 years in the automotive industry. Brett was a damper tuning specialist at Delphi Automotive Systems for 13 years, and a global driver trainer for the chassis engineering staff. 

Brett has developed and tuned standard and electronically controlled suspensions on all types of vehicles, from small cars such as the current shape Suzuki Swift to sports and luxury cars. He has tuned cars for many of the major manufacturers either working at the car company or as a Tier 1 supplier, meaning you know you're in safe and professional hands!

Shockworks have many years of testing suspension systems and new technology components while performing ride and handling tests at Proving grounds and race tracks to meet and exceed target vehicle attributes. Because of this, Shockworks can advise and support OEM damper manufacturers on how to improve their valve design, warranty issues, production line repeatability. They even organise consultations for ride tuning sessions with vehicle manufacturers.

We use a high flow digressive piston design with very high response, along with, Freudenberg seals sourced from Germany for long term durability. The Shockworks dampers are fully rebuildable and can also be tuned perfectly to suit the vehicles use.

The Shockworks dampers are manufactured at their high quality plant in Daegu, Korea, using OEM manufacturing principles. Only the highest quality materials are used in production and all parts are 100% checked with go-no-go gauges. 

Shockworks supply 100% of the V8 Supercars in Korea for their FIA Events with dampers and brake systems as well as many other race teams with the same damper components used in their fantastic Shockworks dampers.

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