Bendix 2015-23 Street Road Track Front Brake Pads

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Street Road Track brake pads are designed to suit sports and performance car enthusiasts for high speed driving applications. They have been developed by one of the world's leading high performance friction material manufacturers incorporating the latest technology and extensively tested under extreme conditions. The rear of the pad also features a gasket, for reduced noise and increased heat resistance.

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Street Road Track

Street Road Track adjusts to your driving style, so you don't have to adjust to the style of your brakes. They deliver consistently brilliant braking, with high tolerance, low fade, long wear and high friction in all sorts of conditions: The confidence to handle busy, unpredictable driving on the STREET where conditions can change in an instant. The reliability to negotiate mountains with your foot consistently on the brake or cruising the open ROAD with long intervals between braking. Or lap after lap of hot, hard, last second braking at the TRACK.

Developed for Serious Performance

Bendix Street Road Track brake pads have been developed and comprehensively tested by leading friction engineers to create a pad designed to handle a variety of applications street, road and track. We've rigorously assessed them against other leading brands under the most torturous conditions so Bendix Street Road Track deliver superior control and consistent braking from the first stop to the last. Have confidence to work hot and hard, knowing they'll keep on delivering.

    Fibre Impregnated Rubber Steel Technology

    SRT Shims feature a unique nitrile rubber coating for reduced noise and vibration damping for quieter performance braking. This innovative technology features a thin layer of Nitrile Rubber on both sides of the Carbon Steel shim, for quieter braking. Bendix SRT unique rubber to metal composite material has been engineered for noise damping in disc brakes and combines a number of valuable properties: vibration insulation, compressibility and excellent adhesion.


    • 4 Pads: 189.7mm x 85.3mm x 15.6mm (Length x Width x Thickness)
    • Shims are not fixed to the back of the brake pads and are held in place by the brake pad mounting pins

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