Bendix 2015-23 Ultimate+ Front Brake Pads

BendixSKU: DB2409-ULT

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High performance, low dust & low noise!

Bendix Ultimate+ pads have exceptional stopping power, which means shorter stopping distances and significant resistance to brake fade at high temperatures.

Ultimate+ pads are recommended for fitment to front and rear to provide maximum performance. Ultimate+ pads are totally responsive to your driving style and provide total control when it matters. They offer excellent pedal feel and are ideal for performance driving, freeway driving and back road navigation.

Advanced integration braking technologies!

Bendix leading technologies, including the Ultimate+ ceramic friction material, offer advanced friction performance. Featuring the original Bendix Blue Titanium stripe for out of the box friction and the latest ceramic technology that delivers the ultimate confident braking experience.

  • 25% higher than OE stopping power with quieter braking and smoother performance
  • Improved wear life of brake pads and rotors
  • Low Dust, Low Noise Ceramic Technology
  • Improved friction out of the box and reduced brake fade
  • Designed to be matched with Bendix Ultimate Rotors*
    • Can be used with other Bendix brake pads

Blue Titanium Stripe

The exclusive Blue Titanium Stripe promotes the mating surfaces of the pad material to the rotor during the bedding-in process.

  • No bedding-in means you save time and money.
  • Delivers stopping power straight out of the box

4 Pads: 189,7mm x 85,3mm x 15,6mm (Length x Width x Thickness)

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