Driveshaft Shop 2015-23 Half Shaft Level 6 2000HP Set (No Bolts)

Driveshaft ShopSKU: RA8555X6-6X6-Set

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The new X6 Mustang axles are designed for 2000+Hp and of a completely new design. These new axles incorporate some of the latest advanced Drive Shaft Shop has made including using a "Fixed" outer CV (non-plunging) that has proven again and again to be stronger and longer-lasting than any previous design.

2 part outer CV: This allows for the CV internals of the axle to be treated harder for longer life and also allow us to change the heat treat on the spline section so its also as strong as you can get for the diameter
CV internals: made of a proprietary material and designed with larger and thicker cages than the "popular" 108mm CV Drive Shaft Shop and others have used in the past. All internals are precision ground and matched for superior fitment, engagement and performance.
Rolled splines: Some may not be aware but all spline produced by The Drive Shaft Shop are rolled, there are several ways to make splines with the "old" way of removing material (single cut or hobbed) from a larger part with the tooth being cut into the surface. Then there is "Rolled splines" that is essentially forging the tooth of the spline by forcing them between Rolling Rack's preforming a forging type affect that compresses the micro structure making it the strongest spline available today.
Inner CV: Similar to the outer CV design but with the change of it being a plunging (moving in and out) joint, i know most like the "look" of the 6 bolt CV but there very limited by travel (most only moving about 25mm--1") and will have strength issues when at the extremes either compressed or extended. so with different ride heights and camber settings the "new" single housing with its much longer travel housing will be allot more forgiving as far as race prep on the suspension.
Bolts: The Drive Shaft Shop have gone back and forth on this for some time and feel making an axle with no bolts like the "Factory" design was needed. Some like to be able to un-bolt the parts but inevitably bots come loose and cause issues of their own. They decided to change the housing to a single no bolt design on both inner and outer CV's.
Grease: Over the years DSS has tried, tested and know more about different greases than most in the industry. They are always questioning and trying to understand what works best. They have found out what works in a Driveshaft CV might not necessarily be the best for an Axle and vice versa, although they consider this a trade/in-house secret, they say the grease they use in the CV's is superior to what most "boutique" grease companies and some well know ones offer and will stand the test of time and punishment.


Tools Required: Workshop Tools
Time of Install: About 3 Hour
Level of Difficulty: Extreme

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