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So the 2015-17 Mustang has an independent rear suspension (IRS) and the driveshaft is a little different than the previous S197 model Mustangs. Although the factory driveshaft is still a 2-piece shaft, they are different in configuration. Manuals (all of them) have a Guibo.

What is a Guibo? its a rubber doughnut coupler like ones used in most European cars. They're put on to make the drivetrain smoother and more soft. But lets face it, soft in a performance car is well, kinda soft. What The Driveshaft Shop have done is make a billet plate to eliminate the Guibo, then changed that end to a 108mm CV joint.

Why does The Driveshaft Shop use the CV and not a slider like from a 4x4? The reason is that The Driveshaft Shop's high-speed balances their driveshafts and found out years ago that the CV is more stable and less likely to have Harmonic issues. Also the CV will have a much higher critical speed then a male/female slider.

The Driveshaft Shop have become a leading force in using CV's on Driveshafts in the aftermarket and have come a long way with how they are made and used. What's great about the 2015-17 Mustang being IRS is that there are no issues with angles, adjustable arms or ride height issues that can affect the drivetrain. The Carbon fibre driveshaft will give more of a torsional twist but without the harmful reverse snap given from steel. The aluminium is about halfway between steel and carbon fibre. This will not only reduce harmonics but also help with 60ft times (aluminium will also be superior over the stock steel 2-piece). And the ends are either Billet or Forged, The Driveshaft Shop never uses inexpensive cast parts in their shafts.

These One-Piece Driveshafts are made out of Aluminium and have no clearance issues! They are rated to 900hp.

Note: Will ONLY fit 5.0L V8 GTs. Will NOT fit EcoBoosts. If you are after a driveshaft for an EcoBoost, please contact us for a special order.


Tools Required: Workshop Tools
Time of Install: About 2 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

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