Genuine 2018-23 GT350R Steering Wheel - Red Stitching

FordSKU: JR3Z-3600-CB

Sale price$1,550.00


Own a piece of the iconic GT350R with this GT350R Steering Wheel on your 2018-22 Mustang GT or EcoBoost! This D-shaped racing-inspired steering wheel not only adds GT350R styling to your Mustang, it's covered with alcantara suede and leather for ultimate grip. This GT350R Steering Wheel also features red stitching and a red sightline for great contrast and look against the black leather and alcantara.

Additionally, if you're tall the flat bottom makes it easier to get in and out and allows a little more room for maximum comfort.

Product Benefits:
- Add GT350R styling to your Mustang
- D-shaped racing-inspired wheel
- Covered with alcantara suede and leather for ultimate grip
- High-quality red stitching, larger bolsters and red centreing stripe
- Fits GT and EcoBoost 2018-22 Mustang's

Note: Steering Wheel does not include the airbag or switches, those must be swapped over from the original wheel. If your Auto Mustang is equipped with paddle shifters, you will need to swap those shifters over to this steering wheel too.

Note: You will lose your heated steering wheel feature on 2018 models.


Tools Required: Workshop Tools
Time of Install: About 1 Hour
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

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