Hawk 2015-23 Front and Rear Brake Pads

Mustang MotorsportSKU: HB803G.639-HB805U.615

Sale price$1,100.00



These pads work best when together, these pads have been engineered to stop your Mustang when decelerating from high speeds on the track. Using both pads gives the best results on the track.

Impressive braking performance. Dynamic Torque Control (DTC) pads are meant for cars with very high deceleration rates. The pads provide high torque to get your S550 slowed down for a corner. For cars with or without increased downforce. 

Great performance for the track. This pad is a great option for 2015+ Mustang owners that want serious stopping power for the track.

Features & Benefits: 
  • High torque and aggressive bite
  • Excellent rotor and pad wear
  • Better release and modulation
  • 205-870 C operating temp
  • 425-650 C optimal temp
  • Front fitment
  • Compatible with metal/iron rotors. Not for use with carbon-ceramic rotors.

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