Mustang Motorsport 2015-17 Tail Light Tint - Red Fitted

Mustang MotorsportSKU: MM-Stripe-15-TLT-R

Sale price$250.00


This product includes the Red Film, and Installation. It is the complete drive-in, drive-out, price.
We do not offer film as a separate item without installation.

If you're wanting to take away the look of the clear tail lights on the 2015-17 Mustang, then putting a tint film on them might be the perfect solution for you!

Why Tail Light Film?
Using a high quality film and semi-permanent adhesive, the film clings to your tail lights and holds strong, to give a high quality and long lasting look, but if you wanted to remove the film to go for a different look, sell the car, or change the film to a different colour, then the film peels off with the right cleaner and a little heat leaving no ugly residue, causing absolutely no damage to your tail lights!
The other option people usually consider is painting their tail lights with a light spray. The problem with this method is that it is permanent and irreversible. If you ever decide you want to change your look, or you want to sell the car and you need a RWC, you'll be forking out thousands of dollars for a new set of tail lights! Film can be removed easily and cleanly by a professional, leaving no permanent marks or damage.

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