Mustang Motorsport 2015-20 Enable Line Locker

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If you're wanting to have Line Locker enabled on your Mustang, our professional team at Mustang Motorsport has the proper equipment and software to do it properly and safely! We'll also give you a quick run down on how it works and teach you how to smoke the tyres!

This can only be done in-house at Mustang Motorsport, and the process takes under 30 minutes.

Enabling Line Locker can only be done on the following Vehicles:
- 2015-20 Mustang GT
- 2022-23 Mustang GT
- 2019-23 Mustang EcoBoost
**Unable to be activated on the 2021 Mustang GT and 2015-17 EcoBoost**

Line Locker was originally disabled by Ford in the Australian market due to government regulation, as performing burn-outs is illegal. This modification is inteded ONLY for off-road, or track use. Mustang Motorsport does not recommend, nor condone, the use of Line Locker and will not be held liable for it's use on public or private roads.

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