Mustang Motorsport 2015-22 Caliper Painting (Front and Rear)

Mustang MotorsportSKU: MM-Paint-Calipers-FR

Sale price$1,000.00


If you're wanting to add some style to your setup, painting your Calipers can be a cheap and effective way to do so! Whether you have OEM Wheels, or Aftermarket Wheels, you're sure to make your Mustang look great!

This is a service and can only be done in-house at Mustang Motorsport (no postage/freight available). If you have stock brakes, we only recommend painting the front Calipers and not painting the rear, as the stock rear Calipers are smaller and don't have a particularly breath taking profile. But we're happy to paint the rears if that's what you would like to do.

Colour Selection:
Many customers choose colours that are the same as their body colour (Race Red, Grabber Blue, Triple Yellow, Lightning Blue, etc.). Upon booking, you can choose any colour for the Calipers. The Brembo Logos also come in three colours to choose from; Black, Silver, or White. You are more than welcome to choose whichever colour you prefer.

The price of $1000 is the complete price for the whole drive-in drive-out process, no additional charges required.

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