Mustang Motorsport 2015-23 Gauge Pod 2-1/16" Vent Holder

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This Mustang Motorsport Gauge Pod Kit cleverly fits in the Mustang's dashboard vents, reducing the need for additional gauges that can clutter around and on top of your dashboard!

The Mustang Motorsport Vent Gauge Pod is for the genuine performance driver who desires to know what is going on with their vehicle every time. Normally, having additional information regarding your vehicles performance requires the installation of supplementary gauges and adding additional gauges usually increases clutter and lessens visibility around the dashboard - and can even call for some form of cutting or drilling into your valuable vehicle! 

The all-new Mustang Motorsport Vent Gauge Pod is cleverly designed to integrate in the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) vents of 2015-22 Mustangs.
Installation is simple! Just remove the HVAC air louvers by gently pulling outwards to remove, the Vent Gauge Pod then replaces these louvers with no cutting, drilling, or trimming required. Installation takes only a few minutes.

The Mustang Motorsport Vent Gauge Pod will mostly obstruct the air through the particular vent it is installed in, however you can rest assured that there is no significant loss of cooling and heating functionality on either the Mustang or F-150.

The Mustang Motorsport Vent Pod Gauge will fit any standard 2-1/16 inch gauge* (not included). The unit is low profile and designed to match the interior of the vehicle.

Product Features:
- Clean, non-destructive way to install gauges into your vehicle
- Fits 2015-22 Ford Mustangs & F150s
- No cutting, drilling, or trimming required
- Accepts standard 2 1/16" gauges
- Low profile
- Does not significantly obstruct vent air flow
- Seamlessly matches interior of vehicle

Note: Gauge NOT included. Pod only.

*Some gauges are slightly larger or smaller in diameter to the average 2-1/16" size. When slightly larger, simply push in tight for a secure fit. When slightly smaller, you may need a single layer of thread tape around the gauge pod to ensure gauge fits in nice and snug. Any issues, give us a call, we're more than happy to help!


Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: About 15 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy

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