Mustang Motorsport 2018-22 LED Upgrade Kit

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The 2018-19 Mustang brought out a lot of fantastic changes that really spruced up the Mustang! One of those changes was swapping out a lot of the dated lighting technology with LEDs, but unfortunately there were a couple that was left as the old-fashioned cheap-looking incandescent globes. With this kit we remove all the dull yellow globes and swap them into what they should be bright white LEDs to complete the look all round and give your Mustang a more premium look!

At Mustang Motorsport we've teamed up exclusively with Blingwork, a leading LED supplier based out of Australia, to get rid of the outdated incandescent lights and supply you with high quality, high brightness, low power, LED lights.
We are the only Mustang company that has access to Blingwork's 2015-17 Kit, and the 2018-22 Kit - don't be fooled by cheap knock-offs or fake kits, trust your lighting and electrical safety with Blingwork and Mustang Motorsport.

The Package Includes:
- Reverse Light Globes
- Interior Dome Lights
- Interior Vanity Light

Why LEDs?
LEDs are the way of the future, they use less power, produce less heat, are brighter, and have a longer lifetime than standard bulbs. If you accidentally leave your map light on when you lock your vehicle, the likelihood of coming back to a flat battery is significantly reduced. Apart from those factors, they look stunningly better. No more yellow tinge to your car which makes it look old and cheap, using white lighting in your vehicle increases the premium look inside and out, and is yet another reason for others to turn their heads in your direction.

Why Us?
Don't make the mistake of buying low quality LED lights that start flickering and malfunction after just a few weeks or months. This pack includes utilises Konik, a leading manufacturer of automotive LED lighting. Konik have high reliability, low fault rate, and are of exceptional quality, making it a great choice for Mustang Enthusiasts around the world.

Most definitely! Konik provides a 6-month unlimited kilometre warranty. As these products are from an Australian supplier, you needn't wait weeks for a replacement if something does go wrong, but get it replaced right away!

Order online now and have it delivered to your door, or request the LEDs to be fitted to your Mustang today!

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