OEM 18-23 GT500 / Mach 1 Gurney Flap for Rear Spoiler

FordSKU: KR3Z-6344210-AB

Sale price$385.00


A gurney flap is typically installed at the trailing edge of a wing and usually aims upwards, like a duckbill spoiler. It may appear insignificant at first glance, but it’s a rather inexpensive and simple way to improve a car’s aerodynamic qualities.

The Gurney flap has drastic effects on airflow, especially at high speeds by creating two small vortices right behind the flap itself, both turning at opposite directions. Together, those two vortices create a rotating mass of air removed from the main flow, which leads to noticeable pressure on the rear of the car.

The Gurney flap is best suited for high-powered rear-wheel-drive sports cars (like the Mach 1, GT500 and GT350), which require the maximum amount of grip from their rear tyres, all while ensuring maximum stability at high speeds.

This part fits the Factory GT500, GT350, Mach 1 Handling pack & R-spec Mustangs.


Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: 15 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Simple

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