ROUSH 2015-17 5.0L V8 Cold Air Intake Kit

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Cold air induction allows for latent potential in power and fuel efficiency that would otherwise be restricted, as well as providing reduced pressure drop

The all-new 2015-17 Mustang 5.0L ROUSH V8 Cold Air Kit is more efficient air-intake than the standard stock air box. A custom tune is not required as this CAI system was engineered and tested specifically for this application ensuring MAF signal performance matches factory settings. As a straight bolt on, with no tune, it’s possible to see gains of 10hp and 8 lb-ft of torque, a noticeable increase. With this kit you can also remove the MAF insert for a 105mm bore MAF and Custom tune your PCM for even more power.

This Cold Air Intake will also increase Intake Noise under Acceleration for an even better experience - paired perfectly with an aftermarket Exhaust!

ROUSH's dry filter is proven to retain its shape under high airflow and is composed of an inner and outer layer of wire mesh for durability and reliable support of filtration media. The filter requires no oiling and is easily washable for re-use.

Included in the kit is the air filter with clamp, injection-moulded lower air box/tray with installed EPDM foam hood seal, Blow Moulded clean air tubes and all required mounting hardware. The kit utilizes all factory emissions and vacuum lines. Factory mounting locations and hardware are utilized to allow for quick and easy installation.

PLEASE NOTE: This product does NOT fit ROUSHCHARGED vehicles.

Product Features:
- No Tuning Required while utilising 85mm MAF insert
- Improved throttle response
- Two CAI systems in-one; 85mm MAF insert for factory calibration OR no insert for 105mm MAF bore for custom tuning
- Features ROUSH Logo
- Increased performance by 10.4 HP and 8.54 ft-lbs torque (85mm MAF insert) and even greater gains with 105mm bore with tuning!
- Less intake restriction than stock intake
- CAD designed for optimised hood sealing and performance
- Easy installation (no drilling or cutting required)
- Reusable Oil-free air filter
- Superior filtration properties
- ROUSH 90-Day Limited Warranty

- Tuning is NOT required upon installation of this Air Intake, however tuning can be done to see additional power gains


Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: About 1 Hour
Level of Difficulty: Moderate

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