ROUSH 2015-17 5.0L V8 Supercharger RHD Hardware Kit

ROUSHSKU: 422011

Sale price$275.00


Proudly developed and manufactured by ROUSH, this Right Hand Drive Modification Kit, allows owners of Factory Right Hand Drive 2015-17 Mustang GT's the ability to install the ROUSH & Ford Racing Supercharger Systems on their Mustangs - without which, the Supercharger Systems wouldn't fit.

This part is necessary for the installation of the ROUSH (Phase 1 & 2) and Ford Racing (Phase 1) Supercharger Systems.

Kit Contents:
- RHD Closeout Foam Seal
- 27mm Constant Tension Clamp - Black
- 19mm x 19mm Connector
- Battery Closeout Foam Seal
- RHD Brake Aspirator Extension
- 5.6mm Bypass Hose
- Installation Instructions

For Supercharger installations done by Mustang Motorsport, this part will automatically be included in the quote/package, and purchase of this part individually will not be required.


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