Shelby 2015-23 Camber Caster Kit

Shelby AmericanSKU: MM6CC-10

Sale price$715.00


The car will require a wheel alignment after installation 

The ability to adjust camber allows the reduction of excessive negative camber caused by lowering. This kit will reduce uneven tyre wear and improve even tyre wear of a street-driven Mustang. Camber may be adjusted to a much more negative setting to increase front grip when cornering.

Caster Camber Plates provide a small range of adjustment for caster, which is otherwise not adjustable. While the 2015-21 Mustang chassis was designed with a very suitable amount of positive caster for performance driving, it can benefit from fine-tuning the adjustment to reduce ill effects caused by production tolerances.


Tools Required: Workshop Tools
Time of Install: About 3 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

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