Shelby Barton 2015-23 Short Throw Shifter

Shelby AmericanSKU: 2015BM-6CS

Sale price$275.00


Upgrade your manual shifter with the new Shelby Short Throw Shifter. It has a 25% reduction in throw from stock. Shifting will be tighter and smoother as you bang through the gears. This Shifter Handle improves ergonomics for a comfortable yet sporty driving experience.

The Shelby Short Throw Shifter was specifically designed to retain the back-up camera and reverse lock-out safety feature of your stock shifter. The handle is made from high-quality billet steel for rock solid construction. The Handle is then completed in a nickel-plated finish for great looks and superior corrosion resistance.

The Shelby shift knob does not come with this product. This is the shifter only

Fits 2015+ Mustang GT, Ecoboost, and V6 models.

Note: The Shifter does not fit GT350 or GT350R models.


Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: 2 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Novice

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