Steeda 2015-24 Camber Plates

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Ford's new S550/S650 Mustang platform is one of the best handling Mustangs to date from the factory. Steeda, like always, has found ways to continually push the boundaries of the new 2015-24 Mustang's suspension. From the factory, the OE components are designed without any camber adjustment for alignment purposes. The factory strut mounts also utilise a bushing style mount resulting in excessive bending stress on your dampers, steering system bind, and may even cause pre-mature failure.

The Steeda S550/S650 Mustang Camber Plates for the Mustang GT, Bullitt, Mach1, and EcoBoost are great for both street and track use. These camber plates come into play especially when lowering your vehicle. With the addition of Steeda's new adjustable strut mounts on your lowered 'Stang you will be able to correct excessive negative camber and increase your front steering response. If you lowered your daily driven S550/S650 Mustang, running the correct camber will eliminate uneven tyre wear.

Steeda's camber plates are ideal for both daily driving or tracking your S550/S650. With the addition of these camber plates you will be able to dial in precise front suspension camber for each front toe adjustments resulting in a more balanced and predictable vehicle on the street or track. You will notice improved overall handling capabilities, elimination of understeer and increase in your Mustang's turn-in response. In testing, Steeda has seen maximum lateral acceleration increase by .11 G's post-installation of the Steeda S550/S650 Mustang Camber Plates. Maximum lateral acceleration may vary depending on other variables such as tyres or outside weather factors.

Please note: Steeda camber plates do not include caster adjustment. Ford has given the S550/S650 Mustang 7 degrees of caster right from the factory - typical race car values of caster range from 6 - 8 degrees; any additional caster added to this system will pull the front suspension out of its ideal camber range.

Product Benefits:
- Sold as a pair
- Ideal for any lowered street or track Mustang
- Reduce excessive uneven tyre wear which can result from lowering your car
- Most adjustment range on the market: Depending on springs fitted, an adjustment
range of camber angle from -0.3 degrees to -2.8 degrees can be achieved.
- Highest quality, stainless steel, Teflon-lined bearings included
- Nickel-plated bearing housing, Tig-welded and CNC machined to exact tolerances
- Grade 10.9 hardware and nylock nuts included
- Increased front grip, turn-in response and cornering performance
- Reduced understeer
- Increase overall cornering capability by .11 G's
- No increase in NVH
- Specifically designed for the S550/S650 chassis and front suspension system
- No permanent modifications required
- Steeda American-made quality, backed by a lifetime warranty
- Compatible with Stock Shocks and also KW Suspension V3 Coilover Kits


Tools Required: Shop Tools
Time of Install: About 1.5 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Tech Recommended

Install Guide

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