Steeda 2015-23 NHRA Legal Driveshaft Safety Loop

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The new S550 Mustang can really put down some serious power, and with the addition of power-adding mods like superchargers, the power being put out can be impressive. The team at Steeda is proud to introduce their NHRA Legal Driveshaft Safety Loop that will protect your car from driveshaft failure - in any high horsepower application there is the increased risk of u-joint and driveshaft failure.

The Steeda NHRA Legal Driveshaft Safety Loop for your 2015-22 Mustang GT, or EcoBoost will contain your driveshaft in case of any u-joint driveshaft failure. In the event of a driveshaft failure, Steeda's driveshaft loop will keep your driveshaft from dropping down and hitting the ground, keeping you and bystanders around you safe. Protect your investment and prevent any further damage that may occur from a driveshaft failure with the addition of the Steeda NHRA Legal Driveshaft Safety Loop.

Steeda's Driveshaft Safety Loop is a direct bolt-on piece that couldn't be any easier to install. It is made of CNC laser-cut and formed 1/4" stamped steel and has been CNC designed to eliminate stress risers in key areas, giving this piece the ultimate in strength while only requiring two mounting holes! This allows you to save weight and make quicker passes!

Product Benefits:
- Safety precaution for driveshaft failure
- Contains driveshaft in case of u-joint failure
- Direct bolt-on installation, lightweight
- NHRA legal construction
- 1/4" thick stamped steel for extreme strength
- Steeda quality, made in the USA

Note: May not fit Mustangs equipped with Trans Mount Shifter


Tools Required: Basic Tools
Time of Install: About 30 Minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy

Installation Guide

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