Steeda 2015-24 Mustang Differential Cooler Kit

Mustang MotorsportSKU: 555-3725

Sale price$2,900.00


Lower your differential temperatures and get your Mustang ready for the track with this differential cooler kit from Steeda!

Premium components. This kit includes high-quality pre-made -10AN braided stainless steel oil lines that feed into an industry standard Tilton pump. The cooler core that we use is a Ford Genuine piece that will mount in the factory location. The wiring kit that is included allows for versatile install and the ability to customize further if you want a temperature controlled switch.

More time on the track. Without a differential cooler, the Mustang can experience high differential temperatures on the track, which will lead to accelerated wear on the bearings, differential, and gear set. It can also trigger a factory warning which will reduce power and speed, cutting your track time short. Our testing has shown a reduction in temperature of up to 75°F after an hour and a half of track use in Central Florida summer heat. This will keep your differential temperatures under the warning threshold and within an acceptable range so that you have no worries about a reduction in power or speed.

Fully reversible. Steeda differential cooler kit is reversible so that you can return you Mustang to stock if there comes a time when you want to sell it. The system is designed to be nearly plug and play to make this an easy installation for anyone with basic mechanic and electrical knowledge.

Product Benefits

  • Straightforward installation
  • Pre-assembled -10AN hoses
  • Ford Genuine oil cooler assembly
  • Tilton pump
  • Wiring harness with relay, fuse, and switch included
  • Brackets and hardware included for mounting in the factory location
  • Expands differential fluid capacity by up to 1-1/2 quarts
  • Extends differential fluid, bearing, ring and pinion, and differential life
  • Mounts under the car to prevent noise and unpleasant smells in the cabin
  • Helps you spend more time on the track instead of in the pits cooling

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