Wilwood 2015-23 6-Piston Front Brakes with Slotted Rotors (Red)

WillwoodSKU: 140-13887-R

Sale price$3,850.00


AERO6 calipers were designed for the specific purpose of providing big capacity braking with large diameter rotors for heavy weight and extreme duty vehicles. They're the biggest of the big, with the 6-piston calipers and 15" rotors providing big brake performance for show and dual purpose street and track vehicles. 

Fully compatible with OE master cylinder output and ABS function, these brakes fit inside standard 2015-2023 Australian-delivered Mustang wheels, as well as most larger aftermarket wheels. Directional staggered vane rotors provide maximum cooling for sustained high heat durability.



Tools Required: Specialist Tools
Time of Install: About 4 Hours
Level of Difficulty: Extreme

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